St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School


All board facilities provide services that respect the independence and dignity of people with disabilities and offer services that include the use of assistive devices. SJSH offers assistive devices to assist in provisions of service to people with disabilities:
- elevator
- assistance of staff person to complete school transactions
- handicap washrooms


The cafeteria has been designed and set up to be a dining area as well as a social area for the school. Students' cooperation is necessary to ensure that this space can continue to serve in that manner.Recent renovations include big screen televisions and state of the art stero systems. In addition a store has been built, giving students an opportunity to purchase snacks and school clothing.

A few reminders:

a) The cafeteria is the ONLY place in the school where food and beverage may be consumed,

b) Students must (i) clean up their eating spot, pick up all refuse, deposit it in the containers provided and return their trays to the tray rack, (ii) use only conversation level voices and (iii) never, ever throw anything.

c) During the lunch period it may be necessary to prohibit books, school bags and outdoor clothing. Students who wish to study can use the Library.

d) The use of the cafeteria is a privilege and demands a high degree of patience, common sense, self-discipline, good manners and cooperation. Misbehaviour of any kind will result in the loss of the privilege and subsequently of the convenience of eating at school or using this area for any reason.


Library hours are from 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The library is a place to read, study and do research. Loud talking and socializing is not tolerated. Students are expected to respect the rights of all students to study and work without being disturbed.

Computers are available at the times indicated above unless classes are scheduled to use library computers.


The gym is used as an instructional area during the entire school day, and is thus OFF LIMITS to anyone other than those taking physical and health education courses or participating in an intramural program. The gym floor is off limits to anyone NOT in proper gym uniform.

Stairwells, Corridors, Entrances and Exits:

For the school to be a place of order and discipline it is necessary to regulate the flow of people and activities to some extent. To that end, please comply with the following:

a) between periods please move directly from one class to the next without stopping at lockers or for chats with friends,

b) to alleviate congestion during the heavy traffic periods of class changes, everyone must KEEP TO THE RIGHT in the stairwells and corridors. Corridors, stairwells, entrances and exits must be free of all obstructions at all times,

c) the use of the elevator is restricted to those who must use it because of a handicap and for maintenance personnel,

d) for safety (and legal) reasons, students are not permitted to use the classrooms or gymnasium unless they are under the supervision of a staff member,

e) the Staffroom and teacher work areas are for staff only. Students will wait in the school office while the receptionist contacts the teacher who will then meet the student in the office.


There are three basic regulations concerning student lockers at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall (failure to comply will be considered "persistent opposition to authority"):

1. Every student MUST have his/her own locker and lock (ie. No sharing). Locks will be sold and lockers assigned during the first week of school. THAT IS THE ONLY LOCK AND THE ONLY LOCKER YOU MAY USE UNLESS YOU ARE REASSIGNED.

2. Lockers are provided for school supplies and personal clothing. Materials not necessary for educational purposes should not be stored in your locker. Valuables or sums of money should be kept at home.

3. Only locks sold by the school may be used. Students are cautioned not to share their combinations with anyone. The care of the locker and the security of its contents are the student's responsibility.

The school is not responsible for replacing items reported as missing from a student's locker or from the gymnasium change rooms.

School Grounds

Car and Motor Vehicle Parking:

Parking areas will be clearly designated and the directions for parking and vehicle traffic must be respected absolutely. The privilege of parking or having a vehicle on school property will be removed from those who abuse that privilege in any way.

Bicycles: Along the fence of Cundari Field

School Bus Zone:

The area has been clearly marked as a non-parking area and vehicles left in this area will be removed at the owner's expense.


During nice weather students are welcome to eat their lunches outside on the school grounds - not on neighbouring properties. Numerous containers have been placed around the grounds for garbage disposal. Please use them.