School Profile

St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School

Co-op Programs

Our OYAP and Co-OP teachers work closely together, helping to ensure that students are provided unique learning opportunities with local employers. Mining, Aerospace, Forestry and Canadain Armed Forces are just of a few of the local sectors that our students are able to explore. CO-OP and OYAP work closely with our Student Success Leader and teachers to develop program pathways for all students. Through this department, we are able to deliver new initiatives such as the "Dual Credit" program (administered through SCWI), Specialist High Skills Major Programs (and the accreditations they offer), Summer CO-OP, and special "reach ahead" activities adminstered throughout the year. Over the past 3 years, CO-OP and OYAP have grown significantly. Students have been very successful at thier placements, and this has become evident in the number of quality apprenticeship registrations.

Student Success Programs

We presently have 2 Student Success Teachers who track the progress of at-risk students, provide direct instruction (Credit Recovery), provide direct student advocacy and mentoring, and support/facilitate school and Board-wide professional learning in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Student Success Team

Our Student Success team was established to :

  • address student problems and seek solutions;
  • discuss students experiencing academic, social, or emotional issues;
  • make recommendations for developing and implementing an action plan;
  • ensure students are monitored, tracked, and logged for future referrda; and
  • create staff development and communication plans to encourage shared responsibility within the staff.

Our Team of 15 members culminated our efforts this year with a retreat to focus on incoming Gr. 8 students. Using information from the Transition Planners, all Gr. 8 students flagged as at-risk by Gr. 8 teachers were discussed, to ensure they are provided with the necessary supports and programming needed for a smooth transition into secondary school.

Credit Recovery

Four Credit recovery sections were offered this year. Commencing in the second semester, our delivery model was improved through the materials and lessons provided through e-Learning Ontario (LMS and OERB). Feedback from students and the teacher has been very positive.

Integrated Studies (Gr.9 & 10) and Bear in Tradition (Gr.11 &12)

These programs were created as a result of Student Success Lighthouse Project funding and sustained by our school board. Students in these programs are cocooned in a supportive environment, allowing for multiple pathways to better ensure their sucessful completion of the graduation requirements. Through the efforts of designated teachers and support staff, students are provided with individualized programming that recognizes their unique needs. These students, due to their previous and current life experiences, are supported by teachers to assist in their personal development beyond the educational perspecitve. On a daily basis, students are part of a small group of learners who, through non-traditional classroom experiences, build accommunity designed to support each other as they develop the necessary skill sets to realize their potential. In this school-within-a-school program, students find a caring adult who monitors them and has the daily opportunity to be their advocate.

Specialist Programs

We presently offer Specialist High Skills Major in Hospitality and Tourism, Business and Arts and Culture


Located at the center of our school is our beautiful chapel. recently renovated, this breathtaking place of worship is home to many school and community celebrations. All grade levels come together for a Eucharistic celebration developed around a theme chosen by each grade level and our student based "God Squad". Such celebrations provide meaningful opportunities to pray and reflect together as a believing commnity. Mass is celebrated in the chapel every Moday morning at 8:00 a.m. for members of the school and the community. During Lent, an additional mass is added on permitting students to participate during their lunch period. In addition, special Liturgies are celebrated for Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Mother's Day, Graduation, Catholic Education Week, Grade 8 Orentation and Rememberence Day. The chapel is also used by the greater Board community for board-wide faith days and Masses. A distinguishing characteristic of our school is an environment where the spiritual growth and development of the human person is both valued and encouraged. To this end, Our school seeks to develop the spiritual dimension of our school community.

Parent Involvement

Parents at our school serve in a number of different ways. We have parents that are focused on leading educational initiatives, or sit as members of our Catholic School Council. we have parents that volunteer in our extra-curricular programs to lead and support these activities that are such a large part of our students' high school experience. We have parents that support our students financially by participating in a bursary program for graduating students that are furthering their education. we also have parents that sit on the Scollard Hall Foundation that financially supports special programs (Track and Field Facilities, Chapel Facility, Bursaries and Scholarships) in the school that enhance the quality of our students' education.