St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School

The Drama Department at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall has more offerings than it has ever had. During the past several years, Drama at the school has evolved into large scale successes since being revamped in 2008. The school has actively been increasing its enrollment in the High Skills Major in Arts and Culture with many more students achieving their certificates. The Bishop Carter Auditorium has been fully updated with more than $60,000 of new digital lighting and sound enhancements making it the best venue in the city for performance.

The school offers Drama at the Grade 9 to Grade 12 levels and a full year extra-curricular program. With 150 students participating in the Drama program at the school, it will only excel in the coming years. Below is a list of the Extra-Curricular drama accomplishments.


2017 – The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

An Amazing year for Sears Festival! Bears Drama made it all the way to the Provincial Showcase in May 2017 in Chatham, Ontario. With outstanding performances and many awards later, this play was a hot. It continued to get better, and was topped off at the Provincial festival as a crowd favorite. The Fire alarm even went off in the middle of the play. Many accolades including ensemble acting, and acting awards for Cecilia Mogan and Matthew Gunson for the acting excellence. It truly was a great experience, and one that will go down in the memory books at St. Joseph-Scollard Hall!

2016 – iProblems

In April of 2016, the Grade 12 Drama Production class presented their original production iProblems! This was a collaborative effort to write, direct and produce a play on the ridiculousness on the usage social technologies. Students rallied to perform a comedy, yet with a meaning to the text. It was a team that bonded throughout the year, and although the play did not move on to the next level, Mr. Graham was very proud of his students. After all, the play was presented on a SNOW DAY to just the adjudicator as the festival was closed. A great experience overall.

Camp Rock 2015-16


In February of 2016, approximately 30 students were involved in the making of fun filled Disney musical titled Camp Rock. In the next era of the High School Musical trend, this movie originally starred Demi Lovato and the Jonas brothers. The musical was a mixture from the 1st and 2nd movies. With a lot of great dancing, acting, singing and technology, the students had a blast and wished it wouldn’t end. It was performed for two public audiences and also for the Elementary students of neighbouring schools. Lots of memories from this show!

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In the fall of 2012, the Arts department decided to put on a large scale production, and Legally Blonde was the favourite. Knowing it would be a very difficult piece to put together, we had confidence in the students to pull it off. With 6 months of work put into the production, it became a huge success, and with two shows of 350 audience members and one sold out student production on February 21st and 22nd, it was a hit! There were many effects and production elements making the show very entertaining. Special thanks to the staff of Jayde Vaillancourt, Brian Overholt, Micheline Pride, Andrew Dunn and Kathi Zappala who added their talents in choreography, vocals and acting roles to the musical production. Jeff Graham, director, would like to thank all those who assisted with the show, and made it the success that it was. We look forward to the next major production in the coming years at SJSH!

Bliss (A Glee Production) - 2010

BlissA student written and produced production based on the popular television series "Glee". The show included 40 students as actors, dancers and technicians and took a total of two months to produce. It was presented on December 10th, 2010 to an audience of 400. A showing was also presented to the student body on December 9th, 2010. It comprised of a collection of popular songs, both seen in the television series as well as new exciting ones. It was a great experience, especially for all the new Grade 9 students that were involved.

Clockwork - 2009

ClockworkA lighter show was created in the fall of 2009 titled Clockwork. It was a very comedic murder mystery with a lot of laughs. A full set was created built by the technology and construction classes for this production. Approximately 20 students were involved with the show as cast and crew as well as a few staff members assisting in the technical areas.


A Christmas Carol - 2008

CarolIn the first year, Mr. Jeff Graham; new Drama teacher, decided it was best to do a large scale Christmas Production to increase excitement about the Drama Program. With a joint school board-SJSH production, a $10,000 budget was set aside to perform the show. 70 students were involved in the show as well as a children's choir from St. Hubert's of 10. There were also 10 teachers involved in the production through acting, musical direction, props, costumes and marketing. It was a large success which drew crowds of 300+ to each of the performance nights.

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Each year, St. Joseph-Scollard Hall performs in a competitive Ontario wide Drama Festival known as the Sears Ontario Drama Festival. This Festival is similar to that of Athletics in the Province in that there is a District (NDA) level, a Regional (NOSSA) level and a Province wide level (OFSAA). Each year, all schools in Near North and Nipissing Catholic perform at a local theatre. Two schools will move on to the next level, which can be located anywhere in North Eastern Ontario. From that point, two schools are selected to move on to the Provincial Festival. In total, out of 200 plays Province wide, 2 shows from 6 Regions are selected for a total of 12 plays at the Provincial Showcase. St, Joseph-Scollard Hall has an excellent reputation for plays moving on past the District level.

Sears Awards

District Festival (NDA level)
2004 - Dr. Umlaut's Earthly Kingdom - Outstanding Production
2005 - Requiem - Outstanding Production
2006 - 7 Stories - Outstanding Production
2007 - The Proposal - Outstanding Production
2009 - TxT or Die - Outstanding Production
2010 - Dr.Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - Outstanding Production
2011 - Bang Bang You're Dead Bang Bang You're Dead - Outstanding Production
2012 - The Evolution of Truth - Outstanding Production
2014 - Winning Julliet - Outstanding Production
2015 – One Hundred Lies – Outstanding Production 
2017 – The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon – Outstanding Production

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Regional Festival (NOSSA level)
2004 - Dr. Umlaut's Earthly Kingdom - Outstanding Production
2006 - 7 Stories - Outstanding Production
2009 - TxT or Die - Outstanding Production
2012 - The Evolution of Truth - Adjudicator's Award
2014 - Winning Julliet - Outstanding Stage Management 
2017 – The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon – Outstanding Production

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Provincial Level (OFSAA level)
2004 - Dr. Umlaut's Earthly Kingdom - Outstanding Production and outstanding Stage Management
2006 - 7 Stories - Award of Excellence for Performance
2009 - TxT or Die - Outstanding Technical achievement by Joshua Pride (student writer and director) MIRA award for design for Joshua Pride.
2017 – The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon – MIRA Award for Acting – Matthew Gunson

TxT or Die - 2009

TxtOur most successful production in the past couple of years, written by Joshua Pride. With many days of brainstorming and a writing session over Christmas, the show was ready. A great topic and theme for teenage and adult audiences involving students only working on computers, but one day need an actual person to teach once the computers fail. This play made it to the Provincial (OFSSAA) level in Kingston in May of 2009.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - 2010

HorribleAn idea that came from an internet movie starring Neil Patrick Harris. This show was a mini-musical that showed a scientist wanted to be the greatest super villain in the world, but to no avail. It was a risk to perform this show, but overall turned out very well and moved on to the Regional (NOSSA) level in Sudbury in April of 2010. This show also included a full band and live music throughout.


Bang Bang You're Dead - 2011

SJSH_Production _101This story involves a High School boy named Josh who has shot 5 students in his school. It takes place in the jail cell shortly after his arrest and the students come back as figments of his imagination to make Josh understand his motivations. Josh realizes his actions as the play progresses and is eventually remorseful for what he has done. A very emotional play and quite meaningful in today's society. The show was presented at the District (NDA) Festival at Chippewa S.S., winning outstanding production.  The production then went on to the regional (NOSSA) level to win several awards of excellence.

The Evolution of Truth AND Model Planes and Toy Blocks - 2012


In the fall of 2011, it was decided that two productions would be entered into this
years' Sears Distrcit Drama Festival. One a student production (Model Planes and Toy Blocks), written by Grade 12 student, Amy Power, and the other a class production (The Evolution of Truth), written by teacher Ms. Rodgers. Model Planes and Toy Blocks evolved from the 10th anniversary of 9/11, where a family is struggling through their memories of the father (a firefighter) lost in the tragic incident. The use of large projection screens, and many technical effects made this play very unique. Awards were given for technical effects to Cory Wiseman, and Amy Power (writer and director). The Evolution of Truth is story told through dance and mime action about the downfalls of abuse in relationships. Unique elements of drama were used to present a very stylistic play. This play won outstanding production at the district level (NDA), as well as an adjudicator award at the Regional level (NOSSA).

With my Final Breath - 2013

10It was a unique situation with the Sears Festival this year. Given the political climate in education, Sears was run in an abbreviated version this year. Few schools presented plays, most of them directed and written by students. This year at SJSH, returning Grade 12 student Jared Hill wrote the play "With my Final Breath". Using his talents along with Brody Ethier, they wrote a very likable Shakepearean classic tale of love and despair. Jared and Brody stayed within the language Shakespeare had used, and created a modern story. The lines eloquently flowed together using rhyming couplets making for an enjoyable experience. Awards of excellence were given to Jared Hill for Writing and Directing the show, as well as awards of merit to Cameron DeRuyte and Krystal Pottleberg for acting. Congratulations to all involved in this year's Sears Festival, and a special thanks to Irene Cianfrani for supervising and assisting the students while rehearsing and performing.