Comic Book Club has Concluded for the 2016-2017 School Year

Look for a new comic book season next October.  New members are always welcome! See Mr. Tignanelli for more information.

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Valedictorian: Final VotePosted on

Attention Grade 12's.
Please vote for your Valedictorian!

They will give a farewell speech on graduation day (June 30th).

 She or he should be well-rounded, strong leadership/speaking skills, organized, team player, flexible, versatile, sensitive to others and able to accept constructive criticism.


  • This is NOT a popularity contest.

  • You are limited to one vote.

  • Grade 12's only.

  • Voting ends June 2nd (3:00pm)


Choose your Valedictorian... copy/click on the link below:


*you must be logged in under your school account

Thanks for your participation!


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