St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School

Religious Education

The aim of our Religion program is to challenge and guide each student to fulfill her/his own potential in all areas of life. The student will have an opportunity to study and reflect upon the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Christian tradition and to apply and test these values in the present. Through this process each student will be able to recognize her/his own level of faith and learn how to allow that faith to increase and be a source of hope now and in the future. A Religious Education course is necessary at each grade level.

Business Studies Certificate

A Business Studies Certificate will be issued to students who successfully complete a minimum of six (6) business courses. This certificate, which reflects a concentration of study in business subjects, will be useful as a reference for those entering college or the world of work. The courses CLU 3MC (Understanding Canadian Law), CLN 4UC (Canadian & International Law) and CIE 3MC (The Individual and the Economy) can be used toward the completion of this certificate. A maximum of 2 cooperative education credits in a related business career can also be used towards this certificate.

Arts in Education

The Arts help students develop the ability to be sensitive, to recognize beauty, express emotion, and learn creativity. Discipline, cooperation, tolerance and flexibility are also required; all of these skills essential to a useful and fulfilling life in society. St. Joseph-Scollard Hall provides a varied menu of Arts programs both curricular and extra-curricular, including drama, visual arts and music. Students are encouraged to follow the progressive sequence of courses in their preferred areas of the Arts.

The Immersion Certificate

An Immersion Certificate will be issued to those students who have successfully completed the sequence of four French immersion language courses FIF 1DC, FIF 2DC, FIF 3UC, FIF 4UC and a minimum of six courses in other subjects taught in French. The (FI) course code is for early immersion (K-8) students. The grade 9 immersion program is part of the learning continuum consisting of Grades 7, 8, and 9 where 50% of the instruction is in French and 50% in English. Thus, the four courses in the grade 9 immersion program form one package that immersion students must include in their personal program in grade 9.

The subjects offerd in French Immersion are - FIF 1DC, Religious Studies - HRE 1OF, Geography - CGC 1DF and/or Introduction to Information Technology in Business -        BTT 1OF and/or Visual Arts - AV1 1OF, and PPL1OF - Physical Education (female)