Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursary & Scholarship Opportunities

A bursary or scholarship is a financial gift to support the costs related to pursuing a post-secondary career plan.  These costs range from tuition and books at a college or university to specialized equipment and tools required to enter an apprenticeship or the workplace. Most of these financial gifts originate from three general sources: within the secondary school itself, a post-secondary educational institution (college or university), or a program sponsored by a community partner or employer.  Each source will have its own application process and deadline.  Potential graduates are strongly encouraged to begin their research and planning early.

Although a bursary and a scholarship are both financial gifts, the intended recipient for each differs significantly.  In general, a bursary is a gift to address current financial need whereas a scholarship is a gift to reward past exceptional personal achievement (academic, community involvement, etc.).  It is quite common for additional criteria to accompany either gift in an effort to honour the spirit behind its inception.  Students are encouraged to carefully review these criteria to determine their eligibility.  Colleges, universities and community partners continue to report that a portion of these gifts go unclaimed due to a lack of applicants. When in doubt, APPLY.

St. Joseph – Scollard Hall’s Bursary & Scholarship Program

Each year, grade 12 students of SJSH are awarded thousands of dollars through our bursary and scholarship program.  We are thankful for the generosity of our many wonderful community partners who contributed over $ 32, 000 in financial assistance last year.  These awards all pathway plans; workplace, apprenticeship, college and university.  As such, ALL potential graduates are encouraged to download and complete the SJSH Bursary and Scholarship General Application Template to prepare for the upcoming online application cycle.

Colleges, Universities & Community Partners

Most colleges and universities offer financial gifts through their entrance and national awards programs.  This information can be found by searching their respective websites.  Students are encouraged to review these early and make arrangements to apply well in advance of any specified deadlines.  In addition, our Student Services department receives annual notifications of local, regional and national financial awards offered by our many community partners.  These have been organized according to historical deadlines and may be found here.  While we endeavor to keep this information current it is subject to change without notice.  Students may also wish to visit the following portals to explore additional opportunities tailored to their plan.

Keep Informed / Be Prepared

Throughout the school year potential graduates will receive regular email notifications via Career Cruising regarding financial aid opportunities.  It is imperative that they keep their Career Cruising profile updated, particularly their personal email information to ensure timely notification.  Rest assured that duplicate copies of this correspondence always resides within their profile in the event they are inadvertently routed to their junk folder or deleted by accident.  Daily monitoring is strongly recommended.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your opportunities:

  • Invest 1-2 hours/week researching your opportunities.
  • Initiate a plan to complete and submit the application early.  Personal and professional references can take several days to draft, consult and revise.  Keep in mind the time required for the application to reach its destination.
  • Seek feedback from a close family member, guardian or teacher to enhance your written responses.
  • Keep a personal record of all submissions for future applications.  Many applications ask similar questions allowing you to tailor previous responses to align with the new criteria.

Students requiring assistance with this process are asked to contact Mr. King in Student Services.

Date Time Institute
Sep 12 9:00 AM Nipissing Univeristy
Sep 13 1:00 PM Trent University
Sep 19 1:00 PM University of Western
Sep 20 1:01 PM Canadore College
Sep 21 2:00 PM Wilfrid Laurier
Sep 29 9:00 AM Algonquin College
Oct 05 6:45 PM UIP: University Information Program At Widdifield
Oct 06 1:00 PM Carleton University
Oct 13 1:00 PM Humber College
Oct 14 9:00 AM CIP at Candore College
Oct 20 9:00 AM Ryerson University
Oct 20 10:39 AM Georgian College
Oct 20 1:00 PM University of Guelph
Oct 26 9:00 AM Sault College
Oct 26 10:15 AM UOIT
Nov 01 10:13 AM Brock University
Nov 02 1:00 PM McMaster University
Nov 03 9:00 AM University of Ottawa
Nov 08 8:00 AM Laurentian University
Nov 16 9:00 AM LakeHead University