University Pathway


We recommend that students and parents/guardians spend time together on the E-Info link above to review all the University programs and requirements for the current school year. Using the Career Cruising website and their IPP (Individualised Program Plan) in preparing for the students’ next steps will assist the students in their grade 12 Exit Interview with planning for next steps. This tool, along with E-info and Ontario Colleges documents, will be very beneficial.  Students should also visit the Grade 12 table located in Student Services as it will have the New E-Info for university bound students.  Guidance will be using the Career Cruising messaging system to remind students of all importance information for Post Secondary so students are highly encouraged to be checking daily their emails on Career Cruising as they update their IPP.  The use of the messaging system and the Grade 12 table in Student Services are where key information for this exciting journey will be found.


The university registration fee for 2016 is $150.00 for 3 choices, and $50.00 for each additional choice. Credit card and on-line banking are the only options this year.   Payment is done when the student registers with SJSH STUDENT SERVICES in November. Dates and time are located below.

UIP: University Information Program is being hosted at Widdifield SS this year, on October 5th, 2016 at 6:45-9:00pm. Grade 12 students and their parents/guardians are invited to come and sit in on mini university presentations. Both students and parents get an opportunity to ask specific questions to the university, allowing them to finalize their research and choices for registration. Student Services invites grade 11 university-bound students to attend as well. It is never too early to start the journey. Seats are limited, so get there early!

Student Services will begin grade 12 interviews mid September and finish in November. Every grade 12 student will have an exit interview to discuss future plans, review graduation requirements, complete the purple GRADUATION INFORMATION AND DIPLOMA template and pick up any materials they require from the grade 12 information table. The purple GRADUATION INFORMATION AND DIPLOMA template is due back to Student Services no later than November 4, .Students are very much encouraged to check the grade 12 table in Student Services and the Career Cruising messages daily.


Students will be registering for university with Guidance in November. All university-bound students must attend a pre-registration presentation Monday November 7th in the auditorium. A sign-up sheet will be available a week prior to this. Final reminders about what is needed, the cost, methods of payment, how registration sign-ups take place, etc. will be reviewed. Students will also be given a university registration form. This form must be completed prior to registration.

University registrations will take place second and  third week of November. Specific dates and times will be Post in October.  Sign-up sheets will be on the Grade12 table in Student Services.  Registration must take place during the student’s spare. Students will not be excused from class to register.

Each student will be given an OAUC envelope, his/her PIN and a file folder. This information is the responsibility of the student.  They can begin checking their account for conditional offers in late December, and on a regular basis from this point forward. When a conditional offer is made and the student wants to accept it, he/she must accept it through their OUAC account and ensure they have followed all the necessary steps. The proof of acceptance page is to be printed and kept in the file folder. It is recommended that students keep this file folder for one year, in case they decide to change programs or schools the following year.

Any student planning on applying to out of province Universities should be checking that institutions website to see how their application process takes place, fees, deadlines etc. The student and parent/guardian are responsible for doing out of province applications on their own and are to contact Mrs. Edmund in advance if transcripts are required to be send. Please give Mrs. Edmunds 3 weeks notice and have all information provided for her to ensure your information gets to those institutions on time.

All Grade 12s who plan on applying for university or college will be registered by December 1, 2016.


  • November : University presentation in auditorium – Monday November 7th  , Period 4. In auditorium. All students planning on registering to university must attend this session.
  • Sign up for this presentation no later than Oct. 30th.
  • Students can only sign up to register on their spare. Sign-up sheets are on the Grade 12 table in Student Services.
  • Credit card or on-line banking only. NO cash, cheques or money orders.

 REGISTRATION SCHEDULE:  Students must sign up for registration session.  November 10-17th for 2016

Please be in the class 10 minutes before begin with your Green University sheet completed and your credit cared ready to begin on time.



Thursday, November 10th

Period 1: 8:50   Room 118

Period 2: 10:10  Room 118

Friday, November 11th

Period 3: 11:30  Room 118


Monday , November 14th

Period 1: 8:50  Room 118

Period 2: 10:10  Room 118

Tuesday, November 15th

Period 3: 11:30  Room 118

Period 4: 1:50    Room  118

Wednesday , November 16th

Period 1: 8:50      Room 118

Period 2: 10:10     Room 118


    Congratulations you are all registered for University

   Please be checking your account weekly


*Students must keep their university folder with all of their registration information and PIN. They are encouraged to keep track of important dates on a personal calendar.






January 11, 2017

Deadline for Ontario secondary students to submit completed applications to the OUAC. Applications received after this date will still be processed by OUAC and distributed to universities: however, specific university deadlines will apply. The original application procedure will include the collection of all final grades from previously completed Grade 11 and 12 courses, along with a list of all current year courses in progress.

February 3rd, 2017

Recommended last date for students to submit all information to the OUAC to be eligible for consideration for early admission. This includes university and program changes, as well as additional active choices. Please note that this is not a deadline date – changes will be accepted and processed by the OUAC at any time.

May 26, 2017

Latest date that secondary students can expect a response from an Ontario university. The response will be either an offer of admission, a refusal or deferral, pending the receipt of specific information.

June 1, 2017

The earliest date Ontario universities may require a response to an offer and a financial commitment (registration deposit, residence deposit…)

August 1-31, 2017

OUAC collects summer school grades from Ontario secondary schools and boards


***Students be aware of residence deadlines***



Date Time Institute
Sep 12 9:00 AM Nipissing Univeristy
Sep 13 1:00 PM Trent University
Sep 19 1:00 PM University of Western
Sep 20 1:01 PM Canadore College
Sep 21 2:00 PM Wilfrid Laurier
Sep 29 9:00 AM Algonquin College
Oct 05 6:45 PM UIP: University Information Program At Widdifield
Oct 06 1:00 PM Carleton University
Oct 13 1:00 PM Humber College
Oct 14 9:00 AM CIP at Candore College
Oct 20 9:00 AM Ryerson University
Oct 20 10:39 AM Georgian College
Oct 20 1:00 PM University of Guelph
Oct 26 9:00 AM Sault College
Oct 26 10:15 AM UOIT
Nov 01 10:13 AM Brock University
Nov 02 1:00 PM McMaster University
Nov 03 9:00 AM University of Ottawa
Nov 08 8:00 AM Laurentian University
Nov 16 9:00 AM LakeHead University