Integrated Studies Program

Download the Integrated Studies Program flyer.


The Integrated Studies Program is a unique learning opportunity for grade 9 and 10 students. The program allows students more flexibility in fulfilling their academic goals.

It also allows students to meet new   people in a small family unit within the larger school community.

Some of the benefits of choosing the Integrated Studies Program include:

· Smaller class sizes

· Compulsory English and Math credits at the Applied Level

· ELS 2OS to support development of Literacy skills in preparation for the OSSLT

· Additional assistance offered by a full-time Educational Assistant

· Flexible, personalized timetables

· Out of school activities

· Community building  activities

In addition, students enrolled in the program enjoy the benefits of:

· Fun Fridays

· Activities to enhance self esteem

· Team building activities

· Field trips to local businesses and industries


The Integrated Studies Program helps students build positive relationships with teachers and fellow       students, in a learning environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.  Students have the opportunity to experience education in a learning community based on Gospel Values. This unique approach to learning will allow students to reach their academic potential in grades 9 and 10 in order for them to fulfill the   expectations of the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma.


The Program offers two educational pathways.  Students enrolled in the program can choose either a skilled trades focus or an academic focus. Students in the program who meet the minimum requirements will have access to COOP and OYAP programs as well as a variety of other            educational opportunities unique to students in the program.

Students who meet or exceed the requirements below are guaranteed a spot in either COOP or OYAP.





· Successful completion of 16  credits

· 15 hours of community service

· Minimum overall average of 60%


· Successful completion of 16   credits

· 15 hours of community service

· Minimum average of 70%

· Successful attempt at the OSSLT



Mr. Carlo Celebre

705-494-8600 Ext. 3413

Ms. Mary Rodgers

705-494-8600 Ext 3445


A Word from the Students: Cassidy Johnson and Curtis Gilbert Speak About the Integrated Studies Program

This program isn’t just another   program.  It is a place where you can forget your problems and step out of the world for a     second, a place for you to be safe and forget all your fears.  We are like a giant family. I hated     coming to school and if I did attend class, I would not          participate in anything! After hearing about the program from my  parents, I didn’t want to  enroll, but now that I am in the ISP, I realize that it is one of the best things that could have    happened to me. Now I attend class everyday.  I do not skip any    classes and I actually enjoy   coming to school. I’ve come so far from where I used to be.  I’ve got an extremely wonderful         relationship with one of the teachers and that has impacted my life like crazy. The  progress that I have made in this program is unbelievable. I am grateful every day for the opportunity. 

Like my classmate Cassidy, this   program has given me the opportunity to make new friends, not only with the  students, but with the teachers as well.  I’ve been a lot more respectful toward my peers.  The things that we do in this program, like the lunches and activities, bring us together as a family. 

Before I started this program, I never came to school.  I hated school and thought it was      pointless. Because of two   caring teachers, I see how much fun school can be and how it is a place where I can become a better person.


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