SJSH SOLE Waterfront Cleanup

SJSH S.O.L.E. Class Helps Keep Waterfront Beautiful
Posted on 05/11/2022

Written by: SJSH S.O.L.E. Class

The North Bay Waterfront is a place well enjoyed all year long by all ages. It is a place loved by the community however over time, debris can pile up along the shore making it not as beautiful as the community knows it to be. To take action and ensure that the waterfront reaches its full potential, the St. Joseph-Scollard Hall (SJSH) outdoor leadership and environmental (S.O.L.E) class of 2022 initiated a community-wide clean up.

On May 6, fifteen students and staff made their way to the waterfront to clean up the shoreline and surrounding area.  This event was thought of not only to help the community but also to promote SJSH’s efforts in creating a more eco-friendly school community. With the help of EcoSchools, an online certification course that focuses on making Ontario schools and the surrounding area more environmentally cautious, Grade 11 students David Rojas Reid and Julia Minor promoted the benefits of this cleanup online. This activity helped to reach the platinum status in the program, indicating that SJSH is a steward of the environment and an advocate for the earth’s safety during the current climate crisis. Alongside this cleanup, the class organized a school-wide Earth Day themed contest, which ensured every classroom had proper disposable containers (recycling bins).  A food garden was also started, where all food grown will be donated to local food shelters.

The participating students were thrilled to help with the waterfront clean up. Being a part of the SJSH S.O.L.E. program has encouraged these students to take a look at the broader community, to assume leadership roles, and to start the change that our community needs: keeping our city beautiful by cleaning polluted areas and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the outdoors!  Hours spent along the beach helped immensely and has definitely made a difference on the appearance of the scenic waterfront. To maintain this beauty, the class reminds the community that it is important that other community members contribute as well by ensuring that garbage is disposed of properly and to refrain from littering.

The class sends a big thank you to Michael Leishman, North Bay Parks Supervisor, for his guidance and support throughout the planning of this project, and to the leaders of this event: classroom teacher Terry Dubroy, and students Kynisha Stolz, Sara Moore, and Sasha Szuklinski.

With all of the time, effort, energy, and support from Clean Green Beautiful North Bay, it is important that the waterfront’s current cleanliness standard is maintained.  It is our responsibility to keep this planet green, and keep our community clean!



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